VIVAKS is the company for manufacturing, distribution, and sale of fruit juices, nectars, fruit beverages, and syrups. Since its beginning up to day, as an innovative and recognizable brand name, we have implemented our mission and vision: to manufacture/make high quality products. A selfless investment in”the best for all” has promoted VIVAKS to the leading manufacturer of natural fruit juices, nectars, and beverages in the Republic of Macedonia.

A dynamic growth and development of the company is the result of our high quality products that are the trademark characteristic of VIVA juices. For anyone aspiring to the top, a continuous ascent to it, first and foremost, ensues from a permanent market research, a development of new products aiming to meet the needs, desires, and tastes of consumers; an ongoing investment into the state-of-the-art technology; and creating a good business climate with our partners. Throughout the years, the core values of VIVAKS have emerged as a result of our positive attitude both toward nature and our consumers, who always come first in our visions for the future.

Today VIVAKS is a company with the most advanced production technology. Our goal and mission statement focuses on a continuous investment in the modernization of the production process, sustainable and healthy organizational structure, as well as ongoing professional development of the team that counts more than 80 employees. 

The facility is located in the most cutting edge manufacturing compound on an area measuring around 50, 000 square meters. As any other modern company, we have invested our utmost endeavors into a successful functioning of the whole team and have faith in the collective and collaborative work and positive energy, which are our guiding principles toward the next success and every next huge step forward.

The top technology used in our production is a warranty of our social responsibility in protecting and preserving our environment.